File Storage Websites

You can use this screen to map websites (eg http://username.domain.tld/) to your file storage space. Each site can specify different access control passwords and display modes as well. You can also redirect to external websites using the "Redirect to external site" or "Cloaked redirect" option from the "Publish as" drop down menu.

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You can map arbitrary websites under your username, aliases and virtual domains to any directory in your file storage. For example:

  http://username.domain.tld/   ->   /public
  http://alias.domain.tld/somepath/   ->   /otherfolder
  http://virtualdomain.tld/   ->   /virtualfolder

You can specify whether the access is public or password protected, and whether or not to generate a directory listing if there is no index.html file in the directory.

If you set the target to be <no access> then it will be as if this website doesn't exist. You can use this to protect sub directories. If you delete a directory the website will change to target <no access> as well.

Create Website

Websitehttp://./Enter the hostname and path you want to map to your file storage.
Publish asSelect the type of display you would like the website to have. Note that providing an 'index.html' file will always override this setting for file storage targets.
File Storage TargetEnter the file storage directory the website should map to. Note that all sub-directories will also be mapped as sub-directories of the website.
PasswordOptional: Set a password on the website.